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Every day during the NBA season, we post bettings tips on our platform. Visit our app on web, iOS and Android, it’s free to download. Oh and stay tuned, because every wednesday, our tip is free!

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Where to get the bets?

Get our app on iOS and Android. Or use your web browser, as you wish.

Download our app on the App Store or the Google Play Store, or simply visit our web platform. All our betting tips will be posted there.

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What’s in the app?

Every NBA match day we’ll post a betting tip. And during the whole season.

Some time ago we decided to share our passion and knowledge about the NBA with you. The 1day 1bet App is one step further into that process.

If it is a match day, it is a betting day. Every NBA match day, we’ll post a betting tip. All our tips, past, present and even future, can be accessed through a calendar on our app. So you can even see what you’ve missed. And if you have downloaded the mobile app, you’ll even receive notifications whenever a new tip is available!

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NBA Betting tips

How does it work?

Choose your bets, pay only for what interests you.

Here you won’t need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Simply buy Betcoins that you can spend to unlock whichever betting tips you want.

And don’t worry, your Betcoins are linked to your account and not to your device. So it doesn’t matter if you purchased them on your iPhone, you will still be able to use them on an Android phone or on our web platform.

A question?

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